Nirvana Pier 48, Seattle, WA 12-13-93

I was very lucky to score a pass for Nirvana's MTV New Years Eve Show.  It was being taped  2 weeks before NYE.  A good friend that worked  for a wire service called me and said I have a photo pass, do you want it? Of course I wanted it.  Pearl Jam was supposed to play also. That night, we were told that Eddie Vedder was sick and PJ would not play.  We were bummed.  Most of the time we spent back by the sound board.  All of us photogs complained that we wanted to get closer.  So, they took a few of us at a time and gave us one song to shoot from the side of the stage.  We wanted more, but you take what you can get.  Sad that Kurt died 4 months later.

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